Decorative & Landscaping Rocks

Stone and rock designs are a simple but impressive way to bring the natural element to your landscaping. Whether using them as a border between your lawn and flower beds or as centerpieces in your garden designs, stones evoke color, a sense of security, and a strong foundation to your outdoor designs.

Since rocks are an integral part of a naturally balanced landscape, The Cutting Edge has perfected using large and small rocks, boulders and natural stones in many different ways to add some depth and texture to your landscapes. The looks that we create will bring a more natural look around your backyard, patio or other areas around your home or garden.

All gardens are different and evoke contrasting feels. Some are naturally rambling, while others are well manicured. With this in mind, we can help you decide what you want your landscaping to be and work with you to bring out the feel you want in your design. Landscapers with the Cutting Edge use rocks of varying sizes to unify the composition of your landscape. Or if you want to use stones to construct garden retaining walls or terraces, we can help with that, too.

If knowing how to incorporate rocks into your garden does not come so naturally to you, we can help. Contact us about our stone and rock designs today!