An overgrown or damaged tree is all a yard needs to look disheveled, and we know those high branches aren’t exactly easily accessible. With our tree and bush trimming services, The Cutting Edge can make certain your lawn doesn’t become the eyesore of the neighborhood.

  • Trim all kinds of trees by Certified Arborists
  • Hi-rise bucket truck
  • Ice storm restoration of trees by properly fixing and repairing broken limbs
  • Grapple truck for large debris haul-offs
  • Bush trimming – Properly pruning and trimming all shrubbery by Degreed
  • Horticulturist

The Cutting Edge offers a team of experts to assist with needed tree service.

Tree services are provided by Certified Arborists who are ready to tackle any kind of tree. Pruning a tree can be dangerous and difficult work. Because Certified Arborists are required to pass an assessment and continue their education, they possess knowledge of the safest and most efficient removal techniques. Our team of degreed horticulturists is available for bush trimming. These horticulturalists are also aware of the proper techniques to ensure your shrubbery is pruned correctly.

We are also equipped with all the necessary equipment for successful debris removal. Hi-rise bucket trucks are available for us to manicure your tallest of trees. We also have grapple trucks, ready to haul away any large debris the tree service may produce. After the summer months have passed and the trees start changing and leaves start falling, Cutting Edge Lawn will clean up all leaves and leaf piles and haul them away.

Often times, trees also require maintenance during the winter months, especially after ice storms. The Cutting Edge provides ice storm restoration services for your trees, including the repair of broken limbs.