There are backyards … and there are wildernesses. When a piece of land is left unto itself for a few years (or even a few months), it doesn’t take long for nature to take over. Properties can easily become unsightly with tangled brush piles, high weeds, fallen limbs and age-old tree stumps. If this describes a piece of property you own, no local lawn and landscaping service is better to help you clear it than The Cutting Edge.

The Cutting Edge’s Brush Hogging and Clearing services

are ideal for any long-lost backyard. Our land clearing equipment is state of the art. Our brush hog services can help with site preparation, land clearing, excavation, underbrush clearing, brush removal, bush hogging service, tree removal, and stump grinding. In a few hours – or maybe a few days, depending on the condition of the property – we can clear away those messes that limit the use of your yard and can cause you embarrassment with the neighbors.

No one wants a cluttered yard. Those unsightly brush piles and fallen tree limbs can bring down your home’s appearance and negatively affect its value. Call The Cutting Edge today for help clearing your brush and making a mess into a backyard that attracts the best kind of attention.