Snow, although quite a lovely picture upon the first fall, can cause a whole mound of problems during the winter months. It leads to hazardous driving conditions; even walking can be a cautionary adventure, loss of business and sometimes expensive and lengthy lawsuits. Not to mention, once you’re done shoveling (that is if you have the ability to muster up the motivation to dress warm and face the weather that has given you inches of cold white snow and ice), the clouds inevitably spring another storm on us dumping more snow, ice, wind and sometimes sleet.

  • We can handle any size parking lot and driveway
  • Commercial lot snow removal and ice control
  • We maintain 24-hour businesses that want their lots kept clean while it is snowing and icing to help ensure they do not get any unwanted lawsuits and to make sure they are getting all of their competitors customers
  • We also maintain businesses that just want us to clean off their parking lot and sidewalks after it is done snowing
  • Residential driveways are no problem
  • No job is too big or too small!

The Cutting Edge Snow Removal Service

is prepared to solve your snow problems no matter how large or how small. To ensure access in and out of your home after a snowfall, we offer driveway snow removal. In commercial parking lots, we provide snow removal as well as ice control. The Cutting Edge will also gladly maintain businesses that only wish for us to clear off their parking lot and sidewalks after it has stopped snowing. This service can prevent in-lot accidents from happening as well as increase customer traffic. Services that help your customers and employees get to work and get home safely.

Another large part of our snow removal services comes from 24-hour businesses. These companies want their lots to be cleaned while it is still snowing and/or icing. The Cutting Edge offers this service in hopes to prevent unwanted lawsuits and to ensure that the business does not lose customers to competitors during the snowfall. Having a business’s parking lot remain clear also ensures that customers know that the business is open and working, when their competitors may not be.