If you’re not careful, you can do more harm than good to your home, deck or fence when you’re attempting to power wash them. The power washer itself can be very costly and if you’re not familiar with what power washing techniques to use, you could easily gouge the wood. And, the task is considered by many to be rather tedious. With trained and experienced professionals, The Cutting Edge offers power washing services to ease this process for you.

  • We can power wash decks, fences, driveways, houses and etc.
  • We specialize in power washing decks and fences and re-staining to properly seal them
  • 24-36 month maintenance program for decks and fences

Our power washing services

Our power washing services are extended to decks, fences, driveways, houses, etc., though our specialties include decks and fences. In addition to power washing decks and fences, The Cutting Edge also offers services for re-staining and sealing. These services can take an old, dirty deck or fence and make it as good as new. The Cutting Edge also offers a 24-36 month maintenance program specifically for decks and fences.

Whether it’s your home, a building or an industrial site, The Cutting Edge can clean it. With our experience pressure washing buildings and house exteriors, you can rest assured your job will be completed with excellence. Most residential houses can be power washed in one day. You can trust us to use the best processes to avoid damaging surfaces. We’ll take the utmost care while power washing your home or other areas.