Rubber Mulching

Every spring, millions of Americans take to their yards and flower beds to put down fresh mulch in their landscaping. Aside from the general enjoyment they take from it, there are a few other reasons why mulching is important, like preventing weeds, enhancing a home’s curb appeal, helping plants and trees retain more water, and so on. While there are several types of mulch on the market, nothing lasts and protects like rubber mulch.

The Cutting Edge can help you discover the value of rubber mulch. Unlike ordinary wood and bark chips, rubber mulch allows you to miss out on re-mulching once or twice a year because organic mulches blow away, wash off, fade considerably, and decay. Wood, straw or hay mulches might be easy to find in stores and supposedly cost less money. But in reality, they end up costing a ton more in time, money and labor.

We can create beautiful looks around your home with rubber mulch that also bring you some unexpected benefits you may have never considered. Using rubber mulch is a more environmentally-friendly decision because it’s made of recycled materials. The rubber consistency will not float away, it does not attract insects, and is much safer for fall protection with children. With our help, you can spend less of your hard-earned time and money re-mulching areas of your home again and again. Our rubber mulch will give you more time and a larger budget to focus on other areas of your landscaping or lawn care.